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What do People saying about Igor?
  • Hello Igor,

    You have put into full force the words of a famous philosopher: "We have no idea what our bodies are capable of." I have full faith that you will continue to awaken and expand our understanding of what humans are capable of! And I know that you will continue to remind us that our minds were designed to dream and our bodies were made to fly!you :').

    Persis M // Fan
  • Hello Igor,

    I cannot thank u enough for being such an inspiration. Puerto Rico right mow is caotic, yet after seeing ur movie and contacting you I have regained the strength and will to REFOCUS get on track and migrate out of here into the US to achieve a better life for me and my son..

    Of urs! Be blessed Superstar ur humble spirit is a breath of air in this underwater world....

    Monique Mendez // Fan
"I WANT to INSPIRE PEOPLE. I want someone to look at me and say "BECAUSE of you i didn't GIVE UP""


  • Fastest time to pull a car over level 30m (100ft) with teeth

    Official Guinness world record set at 15.7s and was achieved by Igor Zaripov in Canada at #1 Tour Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil wear Igor is featured performer at the moment.
  • Longest aerial suspension with the Teeth

    Official Guinness world record set at 2.32m and was achieved by Igor Zaripov live on the set of TV show Good Morning America on ABC,Times Square NYC
  • Heaviest road vehicle pulled with teeth

    Official Guinness world record set at 12,360kg (27,249.14lbs) and was achieved by Igor Zaripov on the set of Guinness World Records TV show Officially Amazing (Lion TV) at Reebok Crossfit in London, UK

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Igor Zaripov is the lead star of recent blockbuster release: 'Worlds Away 3D' (Paramount Pictures), made by the visionary filmmakers James Cameron and Andrew Adamson (numerous hits including 'Avatar' and 'Shrek'). Igor is described as pound-for-pound one of the Fittest men alive today, also a three-times Guinness World Records holder and internationally famed aerial stars with Cirque Du Soleil, most recently featured in the #1 sell-out production: 'The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour'.

IGOR ZARIPOV has a fascinating history as a 4th generation member of a famous Russian circus dynasty- The Zaripovs. He has over 20 years of experience touring with circus productions and extensive involvements in the entertainment industries around the world. The Dynasty of Zaripovs dates as far back as 1893 by his great grandfather Karim Zaripov in Uzbekistan and from here the Zaripov family became an integral part of the touring circus history worldwide. Igor Zaripov continues his family’s long-standing tradition in the circus to this day, and even his young 18 month old son is showing the early signs of being able to one day also continue the Zaripov legacy.

To date, Igor has been a feature aerial performer with some of the biggest and most recognizable international circus productions in the world, including: Valentin Gneushev, Ruslan Ganeev, Bunichiro Matsumoto, Nikulin Moscow Circus, Odaiba Angel Theatre in Japan, Dublin Worldwide Productions USA, Production ”Stardust Circus International BV” in Germany, as well as also having performed at the Sydney ”OPERA HOUSE” during his global tours. IGOR ZARIPOV’s significant career accomplishments include:7 years playing a critical role in Cirque Du Soleil productions of KA at MGM Grand in Las Vegas,2 times award winner and special prize recipient for 'Best Idea for an Act at the 25th and 32nd International Circus Festivals' –FESTIVAL MONDIAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN in France,2 appearances on French TV show Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde France,Feature role in the TV show Solstrom produced by Cirque Du Soleil,Special appearance on CBS Las Vegas CSI,primary role in the new Cirque Du Soleil 3D movie Worlds Away produced and directed by James Cameron and Andrew Adamson…coming in 2012,Official Fitness and Aerial coach and rigging equipment developer - Cirque Du Soleil,New concept acts and ideas developer for Cirque Du Soleil shows KA,Zumanity,Worlds Away and The Michael Jackson Immortal Tour,Official Reebok Cross-Fit listed Fitness Athletes worldwide,Multiple Guinness World Record holder for records: Longest Aerial Suspension by the Teeth,Fastest time to pull a car over level 30m 100ft with teeth and Heaviest road vehicle pulled with teeth One of his Guinness World Records was achieved live on Good Morning America TV show on the CBS ntwork in USA.

You can now also follow the CZAR FITNESS blog to join Igor on his journey to inspire and motivate through his daily actions. Here he will regularly share his thoughts, training tips, advice, as well as the ups and downs of living life on a mission to continue improving and succeeding. You will see and hear first-hand accounts of what it is like training at high intensity, what it is like also when an athlete at the peak of his abilities gets injured, you will also get personal insights into the mindset of how it is when an individual is on a mission to achieve greatness alongside some of the many other greats in the world of fitness, extreme sports, major stunts and performance - past, present and future. And you may even get regular insights into how it is for Igor's family members and friends as he pursues the many fitness challenges and his high intense regimes. The underlying message behind how Igor lives his daily life and why he pushes himself to the limits of ability and challenge - is to show the world that anyone can achieve their goals and succeed in anything they put their full energy and drive towards. And he chooses to lead by example. So join Igor now and become a member of his growing worldwide health and fitness family. "We're all here together, trying to do the same thing - trying to stay positive, trying to eat healthy, and trying to get the exercise in. It's not always easy but a wise person has said that 'nothing that is important is ever easy'. I'm here for you because I feel this is one of my many purposes - to help others through what I have learnt and what I am continuing to learn daily!" IGOR ZARIPOV